This is the story of The Deep Drag, a tale of the rise of a kung-fu drag queen.Experience The Deep Drag, a queerxploitation film, featuring Christian Baumgartner, Lady Zen, Martin James Grapengeter, Maelle Jallet, Erik Zavala, David Dykes, Johnny Favorite, and Jocelyn Sunrise. With original music by Dan Capaldi and Lady Zen.

Deep Drag is a group of actors, writers, sound designers, artists, and film makers. We create content intended to promote conscious discussion and share stories that connect us and restore community.

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Tuesday December 27th6 PM - Doors Open
7 PM - Screening
7:30 PM - Q&A
DJ and dancing until 10 PM
Calzada de La Presa 16, Centro, San Miguel de Allende
Across from Casa Delphine

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